Steel Mace Viking A-Z Training

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In this program, you are trying to challenge yourself to finish Steel Mace Follow Along A to Z (in order) everyday, scaling your Steel Mace weights to survive the levels of intensities you will go through.  Utilizing 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs Steel Maces. 

If you only have one Steel Mace, that is ok as well. You can use your only Steel Mace, the whole program.

  • 26 programs
  • Easy to follow along to
  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Programs get more intense as you train 
  • Cues/text on screen, helps safe training

A zip folder will be sent through email, to download all videos for everyone to keep indefinitely. There will also be a list sheet of exercises for the whole alphabet (programs).

In these videos are text instructions to the exercises and cues to apply form. At the end of the video, demonstrates a round, then explains at the end, how to finish with reps, and how many rounds to do.

Thank you!

Esik (CEO of VKNJA)

Steel Mace Viking A-Z Training