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customer reviews

Game changer
I'm never going back to conventional body conditioning! Not only am I stronger, I'm moving better and feel great. VKNJA training is the truth!

Ben H.

Great for full body workouts

I'm a runner and I use the 15lb mace for cross training/recovery days and its been great for full body workouts without all the load on my joints.

Michael T.

Steel mace and kettlebells
I love unconvential training and the steel mace and kettlebells are my go-to training tools and nothing else!

Jen A.

Lifesaver during COVID
My friend introduced me to VKNJA women and mace training to me during quarantine and now I'm hooked!

Sarah N.

Great product

I absoultely love my 10lb viking ninja steel mace! Now my husband wants want so we can workout together too!

Michelle E.