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We teamed up with good people at TACFIT, a global leader in functional fitness, to create a steel mace that is well-balanced, durable, and feels nice and secure in your hands while you workout. Our steel maces are made from high-gauge steel and powder coated for added durability.
Steel mace training is a fun and effective way to build strength, improve balance, develop hand-eye coordination and fire up your nervous system which is why it's become so popular among athletes, elite fitness professionals, and movement specialists all across the world.

Key Features
  • Made with durable 11-gauge steel and cast iron with powder coat 
  • Non-slip pattern helps support grip during workouts
  • Great for strength training, grip strength, mobility and increase core rotational power
  • Excellent for active recovery
  • Great for functional and full-body workouts
  • Perfect addition for your home gym
  • Portable and can be used indoors at home, office, outdoor
For Beginners
  • For men, we recommend starting with 10 or 15 lbs
  • For women, we recommend starting with 7 or 10 lbs
Additional Specs
  • Imported
  • Steel construction and cast iron
  • Bell and handle vary across all increments
  • Limited Warranty
  • Imported

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